VMWare: Fusion and Workstation Free for Home Use

Li Nguyen

VMWare, now under Broadcom’s ownership, announced that its popular virtualization software, Fusion Pro 13 and Workstation Pro, will be free for personal use. This change comes amid changes within the company thatstreamline product offerings and adapting to a subscription-based model.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Making VMWare’s Fusion Pro 13 and Workstation Pro free is a boon for enthusiasts and hobbyists who rely on these powerful tools for virtualization. While personal users benefit from free access, businesses will need to adapt to a new subscription model. The business cost for a Desktop Hypervisor app subscription will be $120 per year. This change replaces the previous perpetual licensing model that aligns with Broadcom’s strategy to increase recurring revenue.


Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro as freeware is an enormous advantage for home users. Both tools offer a polished, user-friendly experience that makes virtualization accessible and straightforward. Virtualization, which mimics the functions of physical hardware via software, is valuable for those involved in retro-computing or other specialized computing projects.

Businesses that preferred perpetual licenses will now have to switch to annual subscriptions. While this may streamline licensing processes, it also represents a shift in cost structure and planning for enterprises.

There are additional notes for the changes:

  • Simplified Offerings: Broadcom is consolidating its product lineup by eliminating over 40 SKUs, a move framed as a simplification effort. However, this is also part of a broader push towards subscription-based sales.
  • Discontinuation of Player Apps: As part of these changes, VMWare is discontinuing the standalone Fusion Player and Workstation Player apps. Users of these apps can upgrade to the Pro versions, which will now be free for personal use.
  • Account Requirement: Users will need to sign up for a Broadcom account to access and download Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro. This adds a step in the process but ensures that users are registered and can receive updates.

TF Summary: What’s Next

As VMWare transitions under Broadcom’s guidance, adapting the new licensing models is smart business decision. Personal users gain from the free access to high-quality virtualization tools, while businesses must evaluate the impact of subscription costs on their operations. Broadcom can further streamline product offerings and integration into hardware-software ecosystem. VMWare free- and subscription-models balance accessibility for individuals with sustainable revenue models for enterprises.

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