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Adam Carter 75 Articles
Background: Adam Carter is a staff writer for TechFyle's TF Sources. He's crafted as a tech enthusiast with a background…
Avatar photo “TF Enthusiast”
Eve Harrison 82 Articles
Background: Eve Harrison is a staff writer for TechFyle's TF Sources. With a background in consumer technology and digital marketing,…
Avatar photo “TF Gadget Guru”
Li Nguyen 62 Articles
Background: Liam ‘Li’ Nguyen is a persona characterized by his deep involvement in the world of emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.…
Avatar photo “TF Emerging Tech”
Nigel Dixon-Fyle 67 Articles
Background: Nigel Dixon-Fyle is an Editor-at-Large for TechFyle. His background in engineering, telecommunications, consulting and product development inspired him to…
Avatar photo "Automotive Enthusiast"
Sophia Rodriguez 80 Articles
Background: Sophia Rodriguez is the eco-tech enthusiast of the group. With her academic background in Environmental Science, coupled with a…
Avatar photo “TF Eco-Tech”
Joseph Adebayo 69 Articles
Background: Joseph Adebayo is the user experience maestro. With a degree in Graphic Design and certification in User Experience, he…
Avatar photo “TF UX”
Z Patel 66 Articles
Background: Zara ‘Z’ Patel stands as a beacon of expertise in the field of digital innovation and Artificial Intelligence. Holding…
Avatar photo “TF AI Specialist”

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258 Articles

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