Xbox Game Pass subscriptions have begun to taper off

Pranav Dixit — Senior Editor

Updated Fri, Feb 16, 2024, 12:53 AM  ·. 1 min read

Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service for games, has 34 million subscribers as of February 2024. Microsoft revealed the number in a blog post where it shared its plan about the future of the Xbox business.

The latest number reveals that Game Pass growth has slowed down drastically. It took Microsoft three years since Game Pass launched in 2017 to get to 10 million subscribers in April 2020. In the next five months, the company added five million subscribers, and hit 18 million subscribers by January 2021, a growth rate of nearly 90 percent per year. A year later, the company announced that Game Pass had 25 million subscribers. Over the last two years, Game Pass has added nine million subscribers, which would be an average annual increase of just 18 percent.

Microsoft provided a caveat to this statistic in a statement given to The Verge: The company rebranded its Xbox Live Gold service as Game Pass Core last year, and is including both Core and Ultimate subscribers in its 34 million, which suggests its total number of subscribers has grown even less.

Game Pass lets players pay a monthly fee to Microsoft for unlimited access to an evolving library of games that they can play on their consoles or PCs. In an announcement on Thursday, the brand’s leaders revealed plans to bring Xbox games to more platforms including the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch, both of which have far more users than Xbox. There are currently no plans to offer Game Pass on either Sony or Nintendo’s platforms.

Update, February 16, 11:30AM ET: Added detail about Game Pass Core subscribers being included in Microsoft’s 34 million figure.


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