Windows 11 Introduces AI-assisted Copy-and-Paste Upgrade

Eve Harrison

Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Enhanced Copy and Paste Feature in the Latest Windows 11 Update

In a new update to Windows 11, Microsoft has modified the basic function of copying and pasting with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Via its PowerToys kit, Microsoft announced a new feature at its Build developers conference that includes three pasting options: Paste as plain text (Ctrl+1), Paste as markdown (Ctrl+2), and the newest addition, Paste as JSON (Ctrl+3). This new feature allows for the conversion of popular programming languages but requires an OpenAI API key, which may pose a security risk if compromised.

The update also encompasses a more advanced clipboard that allows users to paste copied text into their preferred programming language by typing the language name into the search bar. To enable the feature, users will need to access PowerToys > Advanced Paste and click the blue Enable button for Paste with AI. The AI-generated code should be reviewed for any potential errors before finalizing.

TF Summary: What’s Next

Microsoft has embraced AI in a big way. Copilot, an AI assistant is now present in application suites throughout its ecosystem. Microsoft may include other ways to convert copied text into various programming languages — making this an indispensable tool for developers and power users.

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