OpenAI Co-Founder Launches Startup to Tackle Safe Super-intelligence

Joseph Adebayo

Ilya Sutskever, who recently stepped down as the chief scientist at OpenAI, has announced his new venture in the world of artificial intelligence. Together with his colleagues Daniel Levy from OpenAI and Daniel Gross from Apple, Sutskever has launched Safe Superintelligence Inc.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The  startup is focused on developing safe super-intelligence. They believe solving this technical problem is crucial for the future and are dedicated to making significant scientific and engineering advancements in this area. Safe superintelligence involves creating an agent with intelligence far superior to that of the smartest human. This is a continuation of Sutskever’s previous work at OpenAI where he was part of the company’s superalignment team, which was responsible for designing ways to control powerful new AI systems.

TF Summary: What’s Next

It is evident that the world of artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, with key figures like Ilya Sutskever leading the charge towards creating safe and highly intelligent AI systems. The launch of Safe Superintelligence Inc. signals a new and important phase in AI development, and the work of this startup could have a significant impact on technology and society in the future. Keep an eye on the progress of Safe Superintelligence Inc. as it navigates the challenges of developing safe superintelligence for the benefit of society.

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