Meta AI Is Finally Coming to India, Will Be Powered by Llama 3 AI Model

Indian users will soon find Meta AI on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and website.

Meta AI can perform general chatbot tasks such as generating content, answering queries, and more


  • Meta AI currently only supports English language
  • Meta rolled out the chatbot to several countries in April
  • Meta AI can be accessed by clicking the blue-pink ring in the search bar

Meta AI, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot by the company, has started rolling out to India. The chatbot will be available across all the Meta-owned platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as the website. The chatbot is powered by the company’s in-house Llama 3 large language model (LLM) which was launched in April. The social media giant alsoreleased the Meta AI chatbot to several countries just days after the launch of the new AI model.

Meta AI comes to India

In a newsroom post, Meta announced the rollout of its AI chatbot in India. While it has started rolling out in the country, it will still take a few days before the feature is visible to all.

While the company did not explain the reason behind the delayed launch in India, it is believed to be due to the general elections being held in the country. With its roll-out, users will soon see a blue-pink ring in the search bar of the Meta-owned apps. Tapping on it will take the user to the AI in a separate chat, where the user can converse with, ask queries, or generate images. In WhatsApp, the AI can also be added to groups and can interact with messages where it is tagged. Notably, Meta AI can access both Google and Bing to answer queries that require running a web search.

Meta says the AI can be used to recommend specific restaurants, plan a trip, help with homework, write code, get a snapshot overview across a large variety of topics, as well as to generate emails, messages, letters, essays, and more.

Apart from accessing it in a dedicated chat, users will also be able to use it when scrolling posts on Facebook. Every post will be accompanied by a Ask Meta AI icon, that can be tapped to get more information about the content of the post. At present, the feature is available for free and users only need an account in any of the Meta platforms to access it.

Written by Akash Dutta, Edited by Siddharth Suvarna

Photo Credit: Meta


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