iOS 17.4 Update Expectations Podcast Transcripts To New Emojis

Vikas Yadav

Five Features To Watch Out In Momentous Update

iOS 17.4 could arguably be the most important update in the software’s history because the company will introduce significant changes in the European Union to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Apart from DMA-induced alterations, the tech giant may introduce podcast translations, gaming-focused changes and more.

The update will likely add new emojis such as lime, mushroom, a phoenix, emoji shaking face vertically (and horizontally) and more, according to MacRumors. A total of 118 emojis may be announced. Messaging and AI Tweaks In Siri: 9To5Mac discovered codes in the iOS 17.4 beta that hint that the company is working on a revamped Siri powered by a large language model (LLM). Apple is likely testing APIs from ChatGPT to develop its AI model.

Moreover, in the upcoming version, Siri might get functionality (via the ‘Messaging with Siri’ option) to read messages in different languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, German and more. However, this will not change the primary language of the voice assistant, the report noted. \nTranscripts For Podcast: The Podcasts app is all set to get transcripts similar to what is offered in the company’s Music app. These will be generated automatically once a creator uploads their podcast. Listeners will be able to tap the text to head to a particular portion in a podcast, Apple noted.

New Option In Stolen Device Protection: In the settings page of Stolen Device Protection, a new toggle to force security delays to change security settings when “Away from Familiar Locations” may be available along with the “Always” option. \nGaming: The company will also allow streaming game apps on the Apple App Store across the world. According to MacRumors, this could mean that Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW may be offered as standalone apps on iPhones and iPads. This will allow users to dump the web and improve the gaming experience.

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