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Joseph Adebayo
GitHub Inc. signage during the Singapore FinTech Festival in Singapore, on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023. The festival runs through Nov. 17. Photographer: Lionel Ng/Bloomberg via Getty Images

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

GitHub has launched Copilot Enterprise, an advanced version of the previous Business plan aimed at larger teams. This tool aims to assist developers in adopting specific processes and understanding different processes when moving companies through features such as internal code referencing. Future integration with Microsoft’s Bing search engine was also announced.

Copilot can also be used for non-engineering questions. One example is how GitHub employees use it for vacation policies as it stores most of its internal documentation on the service. Customers’ requests drove the origin of the latest features, including referencing internal information, and Bing integration, which will likely expand to the other tiers in the future. Other upcoming features like fine-tuning aim to optimize the model by leveraging a company’s codebase. This would be especially beneficial for teams working with less common codebases and internal libraries.

t/f SUMMARY: What’s Next

Moving forward, GitHub is looking to expand Copilot’s presence into more platforms alongside technological advancements (like using ChatGPT 4) and updating models multiple times to ensure a high-quality outcome(s). The pricing tiers will not differentiate by the size of the models, as different use cases require different models to ensure ethical, compliant, and secure outcomes.

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