Dili Pushes the Boundaries by Automating Due Diligence with AI

Adam Carter
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Stephanie Song was once on the corporate development and ventures team at Coinbase, where she was often frustrated by the amount of due diligence tasks that she and her team had to complete daily. She decided to solve this problem by co-founding Dili, a platform that automates key investment due diligence and portfolio management steps for private equity and VC firms using AI.

What’s Happening?

Dili, which has raised $3.6 million in venture funding, aims to provide a unique solution for funds in a challenging macro environment. The company uses advanced technology, like GenAI and large language models, to deliver remarkable results.

The platform uses models to automate tasks like analyzing databases of private company data, handling due diligence request lists, and comparing historical and current investment opportunities. Dili has also recently added support for automated comparable analysis and industry benchmarking.

t/f Summary: Why This Matters

Despite the potential for prejudice and inaccuracies in AI, Dili is continuously fine-tuning its models to reduce instances of error and improve overall accuracy. The company ran a pilot last year and is looking to expand its capabilities to become an “end-to-end” solution for investor due diligence and portfolio management, and potentially apply its core technology to all parts of the asset allocation process.

While AI might hold risks, Dili seeks to leverage the untapped potential of private market data to unlock value for its clients.

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