Your Apple Vision Pro software is already outdated

Z Patel

Apple Vision Pro already has a software update

It looks like Apple Vision Pro will have a software update ready to go on day one. That’s assuming Vision Pro ships with visionOS 1.0.

Self-proclaimed git repository surgeon Nicolás Álvarez broke the news that visionOS 1.0.1 was released by Apple tonight as a delta OTA software update. What should you do with this information?

Getting even more excited for the Apple Vision Pro launch on February 2 is the only actionable response.
We’ll at least get to see the software update process for Apple Vision Pro on day one. Looking beyond day one and toward WWDC 2024, visionOS 2.0 comes to mind. What will that entail if Apple announces it at WWDC in June?

For Apple Watch, Apple announced watchOS 2 in June after what was called Watch OS 1 at the time shipped with first-gen hardware. Watch OS 1.0.1 came about a month after the first Apple Watch hardware shipped, putting Vision Pro even more ahead of its time.

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