Xbox dropping brand-new console in just a few months

Xbox dropping brand-new console in just a few months

Xbox is reportedly dropping new hardware later this year, and it’ll be all-digital, despite claims the company will continue to support physical media.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the console, which will supposedly be a white, digital-only Xbox Series X with a few extra bells and whistles added in. During the Microsoft V FTC trial documents were leaked online revealing a new controller similar to a PlayStation 5 DuelSense, as well as a new Xbox console which was promptly roasted for its wild design.

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The new Xbox will be slightly smaller than its older brother, and be a more affordable option for those who want to experience the best Xbox gaming has to offer but don’t want to go all-in on the standard Xbox Series X. It’s said the new version will have a few upgrades over its predecessor, like an improved heat sink, as well as a new Nexus card, plus of course the different colour.

This news comes after Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s several announcements regarding the future of the Xbox brand, amidst fears the company would be going third-party and scrapping console manufacturing in the years to come.

While some Xbox-exclusive games are being ported to other consoles, Spencer made it clear the company will continue to make consoles, and for the foreseeable future will respect and nurture physical media, despite this new Xbox Series X not being able to play discs.

It’s unknown when the new Xbox will be announced or when it’s planned for release, though if previous years are anything to go if there’ll likely be a big reveal over the some with a launch somewhere around the end of the year.

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