Web3 – the natural fit for neutral AI


AI is our generation’s moonshot, and we’ve got to get it right. That’s what Stanford University Professor Fei-Fei Li told Joe Biden this month as he became the first president to talk about the impact of AI in his State of the Union address. Our original moonshot required new technology and new ways of thinking to propel us forward. While the unimaginable capabilities of the latest AI models capture most of the attention, the most important story yet to be told in AI is the technology emerging to make it safe, accountable, and beneficial for everyone.

Blockchain and Web3: The Ideal Hosts for Neutral AI

Blockchain and Web3 technologies are uniquely positioned to address the challenges of modern AI applications. By securely anchoring training data, models, and AI operations, Web3 provides guardrails and transparency that are sorely lacking in closed AI systems. This visibility into data origins and decision-making processes is crucial for preventing bias, ensuring fair content use, and governing the capabilities of increasingly powerful AI models.

Blaine Sims

Source: sdtimes.com

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