US Mobile Carrier, AT&T, Adds $9/mo ‘Turbo 5G’ Tier

Nigel Dixon-Fyle

AT&T introduced a new tier called “Turbo 5G” for its customers that elevates their mobile internet experience. For an additional $9 per month, users can access faster data speeds for high-demand applications such as gaming, live streaming, and video conferencing.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The new Turbo 5G tier is designed to optimize the performance of data-intensive applications. Users can expect improved experiences with less freezing, stuttering, and lower latency during activities like online gaming and high-definition video streaming. This service is available exclusively to customers with 5G-enabled devices on certain unlimited plans.

The Turbo tier does not provide additional data but enhances the quality of existing data usage, even during peak network times.

Subscriber Satisfaction amongst US Mobile Carriers. Credit: PC Magazine

The Turbo 5G service is priced at $9 per month per line. Turbo 5G requires users on family plans to pay individually for each line that opts into the service. This approach gives users the flexibility to choose which lines need the enhanced service based on individual usage basis.

  • Quality of Service Class Identifier (QCI): AT&T utilizes a system known as QCI that prioritizes network traffic. Turbo 5G users are placed in a higher QCI, meaning their data is prioritized over non-Turbo users, especially during network congestion.
  • Market Positioning: AT&T Turbo 5G is positioning the company as a tailored mobile solutions leader that offers robust performance for specific applications. A new performance tier distinguishes AT&T from competitors who only offer uniform data speed across all subscriber activities.
  • Customer Impact: The implementation of Turbo 5G is expected to improve user satisfaction for those who opt into the service particularly for those who use their mobile devices for latency-sensitive applications.
Open signal US Carrier Report, Jan 2024. Credit: Open Signal

“AT&T’s Turbo 5G tier represents a strategic move to cater to a niche but growing segment of mobile users who demand high-performance data services. This service enhancement is likely to appeal to tech-savvy consumers and could set a precedent for other carriers to offer similar differentiated services.”

TF Summary: What’s Next

AT&T’s Turbo 5G tier is the beginning of more sophisticated, tailored network services for high-performance needs. As consumer demand for high-performance mobile applications continues to grow, AT&T and other carriers will need innovative and competitive with their offerings. This could create a host of new boosted 5G services designed to create the best mobile users’ experiences. The success of the Turbo 5G tier will play critically in shaping AT&T’s future offerings and its position in the competitive US mobile market.

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