THROWBACK! Revamped NES-inspired Mini PC by Ayaneo: A Modern-Retro Classic

Joseph Adebayo

Ayaneo Retro-Styled Mini PCs: AM01 and AM02 Review

Often dismissed as underpowered and over-priced, mini PCs may be underrated. Ayaneo, a company known for its Windows gaming handhelds, has ventured into tiny desktops with retro-inspired designs. The AM01 and AM02 mini PCs have more to offer than just nostalgia, and they may be worth a closer look.

AM01 vs. AM02: Specifications and Pricing

The AM01 starts at $200, offering specifications suitable for retro gaming and general office tasks. On the other hand, the AM02 ranges from $440 to $630 and is equipped with an AMD 7840HS APU, making it ideal for PC gaming and demanding tasks such as video editing and music production.

AM02: The Gaming Experience

For those who enjoy retro games and don’t mind playing PC games on low or medium settings, the AM02 is a viable option. Its blend of retro and contemporary design makes it a great addition to modern living rooms, and its sturdy construction is noteworthy. With ample ports, including a USB 4.0 and two 2.5Gbps RJ45 ports for future-proofing, the AM02 offers versatility and potential ease of relocation despite sitting on a desk.

User Experience

The AM02’s built-in display, while novel, may not be practical for all users. Currently, it shows performance statistics by default, with the potential for user-generated widgets. However, its placement in a vertical configuration and some functionality issues may deter some users from fully embracing this feature.

While the AM02’s included launcher is functional, users may opt for third-party alternatives to enhance their gaming experience. Despite a premium price tag, the AM02 offers better value than some direct competitors, especially during the early-bird window.

t/f Summary: Yea or Nay?

For individuals seeking a balance of retro and PC gaming along with media capabilities in an attention-grabbing package, the AM02 offers a promising option. While it may not cater to hardcore gamers or compete directly with other gaming-oriented devices, Ayaneo may have found its niche in the general PC market.

Ayaneo’s foray into retro-styled mini PCs showcases potential for the company in a different category of competition. If you’re interested in making a purchase, please consider using the affiliate links in this article. By doing so, you can help support our team in creating valuable content.

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