[TF Review] WWDC 24: Highlights from Day 2

Nigel Dixon-Fyle

Day Two of Apple’s WWDC 2024 brought a wave of innovations, particularly for the marketing sector. Building on the momentum from the first day, Apple unveiled several updates designed to enhance app discoverability and marketing strategies, powered by advanced AI capabilities.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Apple’s WWDC 2024 continues to showcase cutting-edge technologies and features. On the second day, the focus was on improving how users discover and interact with apps, alongside significant advancements in advertising and app functionality. These updates are set to revolutionize the marketing landscape, offering marketers new tools to create personalized, private, and cohesive user experiences.

Enhanced Siri Search Capabilities

One of the standout announcements was the upgrade to Siri’s search functionalities. With these AI-powered enhancements, Siri can now provide more accurate and efficient app search results. This improvement allows marketers to boost app discoverability significantly, making it easier for users to find what they need through simple voice commands. This shift underscores the growing importance of voice search in marketing strategies.

Redesigned Tab Bar and Sidebar

Apple has redesigned the Tab bar and Sidebar within apps, aiming to create a more seamless navigation experience. This adaptability in design means marketers need to analyze customer interaction data to align app features effectively with user preferences. By doing so, the most relevant sections of an app become readily accessible to users, enhancing overall app usability.

Upgraded HLS Interstitials

On the advertising front, Apple’s HLS Interstitials received a notable upgrade. Advertisers now have three distinct formats to integrate interstitials into their apps:

  1. Timing-based display: Interstitials appear at predetermined intervals within media.
  2. Range-based display: Suitable for live-streaming content, allowing interstitials to play during a specified time range.
  3. Seamless integration: Interstitials are woven into the primary content, making them indistinguishable from regular media.

These formats provide brands with flexible advertising options, ensuring a smoother user experience without disruptive transitions.

Expanded App Intents

Apple has further developed App Intents, enabling core functionalities of an app to be accessible from outside the app through widgets, search, and other integrations. This feature, combined with control center customizations and advancements in Apple Intelligence, offers marketers additional avenues to keep their apps prominently featured in daily user interactions.


Apple introduced AdAttributionKit, a framework designed for marketers to accurately attribute ad impressions to conversion events. This tool is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of ad campaigns while respecting user privacy. It builds on the privacy-focused features revealed on the first day, like the ‘Transactions’ categorization in the Mail app.

Safari Updates and Live Activities

The updates to Safari and the introduction of Live Activities on the Apple Watch further emphasize the importance of real-time engagement in modern marketing strategies. Marketers need to focus on interactive and on-the-go communication to capture and maintain customer attention.

TF Summary: What’s Next

As Apple continues to unveil new features throughout WWDC 2024, marketers should explore these functionalities and consider their integration into current strategies. The innovations presented on day two, including enhanced Siri search capabilities, redesigned app interfaces, upgraded advertising formats, and new marketing tools, highlight the evolving role of AI and real-time engagement in user-device interactions. These updates provide a glimpse into the future of marketing, where insights-led engagement and seamless user experiences are paramount.

Marketers are encouraged to leverage these advancements to stay ahead in an AI-driven world, ensuring their strategies are aligned with the latest technological developments and user expectations.

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