t/f Review: Sony A9 III is FAST + Great Photography

Adam Carter

Sony’s new A9 III moves the needle for cameras everywhere.

First, it’s a mirrorless camera with a global shutter.  Global Shutter — fancy term, right?  The Global Shutter reads the entire image sensor at once and completely eliminates rolling shutter distortion. Bottom line: little-to-no wait time as press.  This is HUGE development for any type of content — images or videos..

Cámara full-frame Alpha 9 III con sistema de obturador global | Sony Spain

The A9 III is also speedy… with some minor drawbacks. It’s not cheap: $6,000.  but you can anticipate the price of similar technology to come down as the market grows. Additionally, the benefits of this new camera’s features are unparalleled, with it offering 4K at 120 fps, 10-bit log, and an array of capabilities that are unprecedented in the camera market.

The Sony A9 III offers exceptional speed, providing superb results in terms of autofocus and stabilization. The camera body feels more weighty in-hand, but not clunky.  Expect the A9 III to be popular among professional photographers thanks to high customization, a user-friendly interface, straightforward controls, and well-placed grip.  The camera’s performance in burst mode proceeds some of the high-quality images we’ve noted.

t/f Summary: Yea or Nay

Ultimate Guide to Sony a9 II Camera Accessories
IMAGE: Brian Smith

Nothing is perfect though.  For some, Global Shutter sacrifices image quality. For others, Global Shutter balances speed and balance. in our opinion, the advantages (or disadvantages) of Global Shutter outweigh any loss in image quality.  The advantages (or disadvantages) of shooting content fast will make the Sony A9 III an ideal choice.

Sony offers a plethora of lenses, add-ons and accessories to further make this  The A9 III mirrorless camera is a worthy investment for amateurs to professionals.

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