t/f Review: Mercedes-AMG’s GT Car Ready for Showroom Release

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Mercedes-AMG Presents ‘Ultimate’ GT3 Car After Record-Breaking Performance

Mercedes-AMG — renowned for its high-performance vehicles — introduced a remarkable farewell gift for fans of its GT3 coupe. The ‘ultimate’ Mercedes-AMG GT3 has a reputation as a superb car designed to cater to the needs of car collectors around the world. At the recent Bathurst 12 Hour event, this GT3 claimed the title of the fastest lap around Mount Panorama, reaching top speeds on the circuit. It has been structurally enhanced by removing the inlet air restrictor and equipping an open exhaust, among other elements, to elevate the car’s speed and performance.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Featuring a Formula One-style rear wing and advanced aerodynamics, MB-AMG GT3 achieved a remarkable speed of 308km/h (191.3 mph) on Conrod Straight, with a potential to reach 320km/h (199 mph). Christoph Sagemüller, head of AMG Customer Motorsport, expressed great satisfaction with the dynamic performance and active aero enhancements on the car. He also reassured customers that the production of a model tailored to enthusiasts and collectors is underway.

The ‘ultimate’ GT3, introduced to mark Mercedes-Benz’s 130 years of involvement in motorsport, highlights the motorsport history and acumen of the three-pointed star. Mr. Sagemüller also hinted at a generation of electric cars in the future. Look out for the new Mercedes-AMG GT3, expected to be launched in 2025 or 2026, featuring a powerful V8 engine similar to the previous model. Consequently, AMG’s legacy in customer racing is set to continue, with the potential for more cars for racers and collectors on the horizon. Throughout the process, Mr. Sagemüller emphasized a customer-oriented approach in the GT3 program, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled an ‘ultimate’ GT3 car for car collectors, designed to boost performance and speed while paying homage to the brand’s long history in motorsport. This GT3 car achieved great success at the Bathurst 12 Hour event, setting records and creating a queue for customers’ interest. Mercedes-AMG is committed to customer satisfaction and plans to introduce a new GT3 car by 2026, following a period of extensive development and testing. The reimagination of the GT3 car comes as AMG transitions to a new generation of electric cars.

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