t/f Review: Know Labs’ Announces KnowU™, Revolutionary Wearable Continuous Glucose Monitor

Li Nguyen

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Know Labs Inc., a growing developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics, has made a significant announcement. Their KnowU wearable, non-invasive continuous glucose monitor (CGM), was unveiled after a rapid development process.

KnowU uses a sensor that the company is preparing to submit to the FDA for approval after being tested and proven accurate and stable in a lab setting. The practicality and device’s ability to last for years without requiring costly disposables or a recharge makes it unique in the field. Equipped with machine learning abilities and on-board computing power, it is made to be user-friendly, and will connect to an easily accessible companion mobile app.

Know Labs Announces the KnowU™, its Wearable Non-Invasive Continuous  Glucose Monitor
Know Labs KnowU.     IMAGE: Know Labs

t/f Summary: What’s Next

The KnowU is expected to be an asset in accelerating the collection of data for future clinical trials, including performance analysis. The goal is to offer a solution that will improve diabetes care. Know Labs were clear in their goal of delivering an affordable, accessible, and accurate solution to managing diabetes in the global market.

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