NVIDIA Surpasses Alphabet to Become Third Most Valuable Company in the US

Eve Harrison

NVIDIA Surpasses Alphabet to Rank Third in US Valuation

NVIDIA has become the third most valuable company in the United States, surpassing Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The chip maker has seen a swift rise in its valuation, now sitting at $1.83 trillion. Globally, NVIDIA is ranked fourth, with Microsoft, Apple, and Saudi Aramco ahead of it.

AI Boom Boosts NVIDIA’s Valuation

NVIDIA’s increased valuation is largely attributed to the booming AI market. The company holds about 80 percent of the high-end chip market and has developed the H100 chip, powering LLMs at major companies like OpenAI, Amazon, and Meta. Meta has announced plans to purchase 350,000 H100 chips from NVIDIA by the end of the year, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Diversified Business Strategy

Unlike its competitors, NVIDIA has diversified its business, with involvement in AI, cloud computing, and custom chip manufacturing. This diversification helps the company maintain its position in the market as AI manufacturers seek more specialized options.

t/f Summary: Strong Earnings Projection

NVIDIA is scheduled to release its quarterly report on February 21, with analysts predicting a significant increase in earnings. The company is expected to triple its quarterly earnings to $20.37 billion, with net profits jumping 400 percent to $11.38 billion.

NVIDIA’s rapid rise in valuation and market positioning is a testament to its strong presence in the AI and chip manufacturing sectors. As the company continues to expand its business and attract major clients, its future prospects remain promising.

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