New mobility demands new vehicle inspection solutions

There is an evolution underway in the vehicle inspection industry, as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) improve the accuracy and ease of assessing a vehicle’s condition. By reducing the reliance on manual processes, which can prove time-consuming and are prone to human error, automation promises cost savings, efficiency improvements and reduced risk. Israeli start-up Ravin AI is jockeying for a leadership position in this space and boasts that it has developed “the world’s most advanced digital vehicle inspection system.”

Harnessing computer vision technology, it can detect and classify almost any sort of damage, including minor wear and tear and subtle scratches, in all sorts of environments. Its inspection technology is targeted at used vehicle dealers, car rental and shared-mobility providers, the insurance sector for claim processing, as well as in logistics for fleet management. As Neil Alliston, Ravin AI’s Executive Vice President and Head of Product, tells Automotive World, it is “fundamentally transforming” the car inspection process.

Author: Megan Lampinen


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