MPAA, US Congress Join Forces to Crack Down on US Piracy Websites

Sophia Rodriguez

Motion Picture Association Aims to Block Piracy Websites in the US

The Motion Picture Association is working towards implementing legislation that would allow rights holders to obtain injunctions forcing ISPs to prevent users from accessing piracy sites. President and CEO Charles Rivkin made the case for this proposal at CinemaCon, saying that nearly 60 countries are already effectively using site-blocking to combat piracy.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Motion Picture Association Chief Charles Rivkin presented its proposal at this year’s CinemaCon aimed at limiting piracy of digital content. He announced a plan to engage with Congress to implement legislation that would give studios, publishers, leagues, and other rights holders the power to request internet service providers to block access to piracy websites. Rivkin singled out the significant effect this measure would have on reducing traffic to illegal streaming site FMovies.

What’s Next: Summary

Rivkin’s proposal to enforce site-blocking in the US would help protect intellectual property and the creative content industry. The Motion Picture Association is garnering support for this initiative and seeks to convince theater owners for their backing. This action would target piracy websites and represent a significant shift in the fight against online piracy.

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