Luxury Brand Postpones EV Target, Shifts Focus to Hybrid Expansion

Joseph Adebayo

The luxury car brand Genesis announced a delay in its electric vehicle (EV) launch to focus on hybrid expansion instead. Reports indicate that the company will postpone the debut of its next-generation GV80 until late 2027 or early 2028.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

To bridge the gap, a hybrid version of the current model will be introduced in 2025, featuring a 2.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors. Other models like the GV70 and G80 may also receive hybrid power in the future.

The decision to delay EV production comes as a response to slowing demand for electric vehicles and increasing interest in hybrids, especially in the US market. Despite this move, Genesis remains committed to transitioning to an entirely EV lineup by 2030, with all new vehicle launches from 2025 being electric vehicles.

EV Sales Growth Slows; Market Leader Tesla Stalls - Cox Automotive Inc.
EV Sales growth slows as market leader Tesla stalls. Credit: Cox Automotive Inc.

The shift to hybrids also reflects a growing trend in the luxury car market, with other brands like Cadillac considering similar moves, indicating a broader shift away from traditional gasoline engines.

TF Summary: What’s Next

This change in strategy is significant not only for Genesis but also for the industry as a whole, as it reflects evolving consumer preferences and the challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles. As Genesis finalizes its plans for hybrid expansion, industry observers will be closely watching to see how this decision impacts the brand’s future direction and market competitiveness.

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