Google to End Support for Dropcam and Nest Secure, Forcing Users to Upgrade

Adam Carter

SURPRISE! Google announced the end of the road for Dropcam, Dropcam Pro, and Nest Secure devices. As of 08 April 2024, these gadgets will no longer link to the Nest app nor record video which may leave some users in the lurch. The countdown has begun (the deadline is next Monday) leaving affected device owners to determine their next moves.

Dropcam and Nest Secure maintain video histories via Nest. If these video histories are important, there’s a narrow window to save precious clips. Depending on your subscription, you might have between five to 30 days post-deadline until your video history vanishes into the digital ether.

Google suggests acting swiftly to preserve any must-keep footage.

Transition Offers: A Silver Lining?

To soften the blow, Google’s not leaving its customers high and dry. Dropcam loyalists have two compensation offers: 1) a generous 50% discount on an indoor wired Nest Cam for non-Nest Aware subscribers or 2) a free Nest Cam for those with Nest Aware. The offers ensure continued service but upgrades users to a device that boasts three hours of free cloud storage and smart detection features.

Nest Secure users aren’t left out. They have the choices between 1) a free Self Setup System from ADT or a 2) $200 Google Store voucher for the latest Nest products. Additional steps are necessary for Nest Secure users with Nest x Yale Locks which includes acquiring a free Nest Connect to maintain Wi-Fi connectivity post-8 April.

Dropcam and Dropcam Pro are no longer supported by nest starting 08 april. credit: google

Why the Curtain Call?

Google’s decision to sunset these devices stems from a larger strategy to unify its smart home ecosystem under Google Home and Google Assistant umbrella. The tech giant deemed the Nest Secure and Dropcam models incompatible with its new system’s direction. This discontinuation is part of Google’s broader push to streamline its smart home offerings and encourage users to migrate their Nest accounts to Google Home for seamless integration and continued functionality.

As the deadline fast approaches, users are reminded to cancel their Nest Aware subscriptions if no longer needed; Google will not do this automatically. This phase-out may marks the end of Dropcam and Nest Secure era. Technology deprecation is normal in the product lifecycle. Deprecation nudges consumers towards newer, more integrated smart home technologies. In this case, new smart home technologies are within Google’s ecosystem.

Google home offers comprehensive solutions for security and monitoring. credit: google

TF Summary: What’s Next

Smart home technologies continually press forward. Moving forward sometimes is at the expense of older technologies. For users, it’s a reminder of the importance of staying updated with the latest offerings and preparing for inevitable upgrades. As Google refines its smart home strategy, consumers can likely expect more integrations, enhancements, and retirements of other legacy devices.

The key takeaway: Stay informed, be ready to adapt, and embrace new digital conveniences.

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