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There aren’t enough video games with characters or themes representing members of the LGBTQ community, according to the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy group, GLAAD. Despite nearly 20 percent of all players in the United States identifying as LGBTQ, just 2 percent of games contain relevant characters and storylines.

Key Takeaways from GLAAD’s Gaming Report

The findings of the first annual report from GLAAD show the following important information:

  • LGBTQ representation has a significant impact on LGBTQ players
  • The remaining gaming audience is largely welcoming of LGBTQ themes
  • The new generation of gamers is increasingly open to queer content
  • GLAAD’s gaming survey identifies a sizeable gap between the percentage of LGBTQ individuals and the percentage of LGBTQ representation in video games

GLAAD Report’s Insights on LGBTQ Representation in Gaming

GLAAD’s analysis of the gaming industry’s perspective on LGBTQ representation further reveals some crucial findings:

  • The 2023 survey showed that a mere 2 percent of games were LGBTQ-themed
  • Media outlets have been more inclusive of LGBTQ representation
  • Developers should consider LGBTQ inclusion in games
  • The report suggests LGBTQ representation could help more people discover their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Video games have become a refuge for a significant portion of queer players amid widespread anti-LGBTQ legislation
  • A high percentage of LGBTQ gamers use video games to express themselves
  • Wider Acceptance of LGBTQ Themes in Gaming

The gaming industry is becoming more accepting of queer characters and themes, according to the GLAAD report. GLAAD suggests that the industry needs to make more progress and offer a proportional amount of content representing the LGBTQ community. More representation matters to LGBTQ players and positively impacts their experience within the gaming community.

t/f Summary: Concerns About Lack of LGBTQ Representation in Games

Despite changes over time, the industry still falls short in representing LGBTQ characters and themes, putting future qualitative progress at risk. As the LGBTQ market continues to grow, game developers have an opportunity to improve LGBTQ representation further.

The recent GLAAD report indicates the need for more LGBTQ representation in gaming and highlights growing acceptance of LGBTQ themes in the industry. Furthermore, it underscores the potential for LGBTQ-industry collaboration and recommends proportionality in the representation of LGBTQ characters.

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