ChatGPT for Mac has launched – here’s what you need to know
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now integrated into macOS, accessible via a keyboard shortcut after installing the desktop app.
  • This integration allows users to take screenshots, upload files, share images, search conversations, and start voice chats.
  • The partnership between Apple and OpenAI aims to bring ChatGPT to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, with a Windows version coming later.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now available to all macOS users as the chatbot has been integrated into the Mac computer.

At the beginning of June, Apple and OpenAI shared news of their partnership, including the tool’s AI capabilities to be incorporated into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

While the integrations were said in the initial press release to be coming later this year, Mac users have only had to wait a matter of weeks.

Now, the chatbot will become increasingly familiar as it can be accessed by a simple keyboard combination of Option and Space. The ChatGPT desktop app has to be installed beforehand.

When the chat box pops up, it can then be used to take screenshots, upload files, share images, search conversations, and ask anything.

Users can speak with the AI through the desktop too, as a headphone icon will be visible next to the box where you’d normally type your requests and this can be used to begin a voice conversation.

ChatGPT for Mac first to come in Apple and OpenAI partnership

Although the expansion into Apple’s other operating devices became a huge moment when spoken about at the Worldwide Developer Conference, the introduction of the tool onto macOS was slightly overshadowed.

The news of the desktop app was published at the same time as the introduction of GPT-4o, with it being easy to miss the information as the buzz around the new model started growing quickly and there is still much speculation around the possibility of ChatGPT-5.

The app for Mac can be accessed by both free and paid users and those with an avid eye may notice a small change in design. “We’re introducing a new look and feel for ChatGPT that’s designed to be friendlier and more conversational,” writes the team in a news release.

This new appearance includes a more simple-looking home screen and message layout.

With Apple and ChatGPT having formed a partnership, it’s understandable the focus has been on bringing the AI tool to the usual spread of products. However, a Windows version of the app will be launched later this year.

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