Apple Music Launches New Monthly Replay Feature

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Apple Music Introduces Monthly Replay Feature

Apple Music has expanded its annual Replay feature to include a monthly version. In addition to the yearly playlist, users can now access a more detailed view of their listening history on a month-to-month basis.

To access your monthly Replay playlist, simply visit and log in using your Apple ID. Here, you can explore your top songs, albums, and artists, as well as personal milestones from each month. Apple will also archive these statistics for future reference.

Why This Matters

While it may be no surprise to discover that you’ve spent countless hours listening to your favorite tunes, the ability to revisit your monthly replays in the future offers a nostalgic reminder of the music that shaped your life during a particular period. For example, revisiting your February 2024 replay years from now can provide a delightful reminder of the songs and artists that defined that moment in your life.

The introduction of the monthly Replay feature gives Apple Music users a deeper insight into their listening habits. By offering a more detailed and personalized viewing experience, the update enhances the overall music discovery and listening experience on the platform.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

Apple’s new monthly Replay feature offers a more personalized and detailed look at your listening history. By incorporating this update, Apple Music aims to enhance the user experience and provide a more engaging platform for music discovery.

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