Adobe Responds to User Backlash with New AI Terms and Conditions

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Adobe’s Updated Creative Cloud Terms and Conditions Sparks Controversy

Adobe faced backlash after updating its terms and conditions for the Creative Cloud suite of photo and video editing apps, triggering a wave of outrage from its users. This came after the company hinted at the possibility of accessing user content through automated and manual methods for content review purposes. The resulting uproar led to a clarification by Adobe that it does not own user content, and that it won’t use it to train its AI systems.

What’ Happening & Why This Matters

In more straightforward terms, customers were abruptly barred from using the apps until they agreed to the new terms. This did not sit well with users, as evidenced by upset posts on social media and other platforms.

One such complaint came from film director Duncan Jones, who directed his ire at Photoshop in a tweet, expressing his displeasure at the forced agreement that seemed to grant undue rights to the app’s owners. Adobe initially explained that the newly clarified terms were designed for transparency and to improve moderation processes. The company added that it accesses user content for innovative cloud-based features like Photoshop Neural Filters and Remove Background in Adobe Express, among others.

TF Summary: What’s Next

On Friday, Adobe sought to elaborate on its reasoning for updating the terms and conditions. The company asserted that the changes focused on improving the moderation process and enhancing responsible innovation through content submissions review. Adobe reassured users that their content remains their own and that it supported human moderation for content submissions. They emphasized that while they host user content for its applications and services, they don’t take ownership of it.

To help users better understand the new Terms and Conditions, Adobe plans to display a clear notification when they next open their editing apps.

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