XDA Developers shares the latest updates in iOS 17.3 and watchOS 10.3 now available

Mahmoud Itani

Apple has officially released the latest updates for iOS 17.3, watchOS 10.3, macOS Sonoma 14.3, and iPadOS 17.3 following extensive beta testing with developers and enthusiasts. These new versions bring highly anticipated features to compatible devices, making them more functional and customizable. Some of the new features include a Unity wallpaper, a matching watch face, collaboration support in Apple Music, and more.

The iOS 17.3 update brings several new features and improvements to the latest iPhones. One of the most significant additions is the Stolen Device Protection feature, which prevents thieves from using stolen iPhones to change a user’s Apple ID password. Additionally, collaborative playlist support has been introduced in Apple Music, allowing multiple users to edit the same playlists and react to songs using emoji. The update also includes a new Unity wallpaper with floral patterns that fill with color when the iPhone wakes up.

The official change log for iOS 17.3 highlights the introduction of Stolen Device Protection and Security Delay, as well as the new Unity wallpaper, music collaboration features, AirPlay hotel support, and AppleCare & Warranty information in the settings.

To update compatible devices to iOS 17.3, watchOS 10.3, macOS Sonoma 14.3, and iPadOS 17.3, users can follow these steps:
1. Launch the Settings app.
2. Go to the General section.
3. Tap on Software Update.
4. Wait for the page to refresh and the update to appear.
5. Hit the Download and Install button.
6. Keep the device connected to a power source until the installation process is complete.

With the latest update, users can enjoy the new features and improvements introduced in iOS 17.3, enhancing the functionality and security of their Apple devices.

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