Venture visionaries: These companies are on the rise

Any new venture requires a vision that transcends the ordinary to disrupt entire industries. This vision drives innovation and inspires teams to push the boundaries of what is possible. The following ten companies are challenging the status quo, embracing risk, and, more importantly, fostering a culture of relentless pursuit of excellence. In doing so, they not only aim to meet market needs but also to redefine them, setting new standards and creating a lasting impact.


Coco Coders is disrupting the K-12 online education industry, starting with the missing piece in our education system — coding. This LaaS (Learning as a Service) platform provides live online lessons for children aged 6-14, crucial ages to get kids excited about technology. With a unique perspective on technology and education, Coco Coders developed a STEM-certified proprietary computing curriculum that incorporates Al and teaches tech literacy, creativity and problem-solving to ensure children are future-ready. The company has already made traction with its B2C subscription model and will be launching its B2B model this year with corporate sponsors. “We are fostering a skill set that will be paramount for the future generation. Just as math and literacy are fundamentals in our education system, coding is a core skill that we believe (and the workforce is also saying) needs to be a base foundation,” says founder and CEO Elizabeth Tweedale.

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With the vast number of messaging apps that exist, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with notifications and equally difficult to find a particular message when you need it most. Disa offers a patented unified messaging hub that integrates multiple messaging services into one location. No other solution in the market takes different messaging services and unifies them into a single thread, making it easier for SMB owners like real estate agents, ecommerce stores, etc., to streamline client conversations as a CRM tool would. “What sets us apart from other aggregators is that we never use intermediate servers to house conversations, which ensures enhanced security and less risk of data breaches,” says Disa CEO Francois Lebon-Schneider. Disa saves consumers and businesses time and increases efficiency while keeping messages as secure as other messaging platforms.

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Good Code

Specializing in the cyber security industry, Good Code helps companies build better products through unique design and engineering. The company not only understands cyber security and its technical workflow, but it also caters to the client’s end-user needs. It seamlessly takes an idea out of a founder’s mind and creates an amazingly beautiful user interface (UI) that resonates with its users. Because the entire team at Good Code is well-versed in the intricacies of the industry, they are able to create compelling and cohesive branding strategies that resonate with their client’s target audience and elevate the brand quicker than other solutions on the market. CEO Austin McDaniel explains, “Our mission is to transform the complexity of cybersecurity into intuitive, accessible experiences through state-of-the-art UI design and thoughtful human-machine interactions.”

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GW Nutrition

GW Nutrition is working to make alternative proteins easier to incorporate into food formulations. With not enough good land to grow crops to feed animals, animal-based proteins are not enough to meet demand. In addition to this problem, consumer demand for sustainable microbial and plant-based ingredients is growing. However, people are often discouraged by the undesirable color, flavor and odor of alternative proteins. GW Nutrition’s patent-pending CleanSense™ technology uses a proprietary light delivery system to reduce microbial contamination while simultaneously moderating the color, flavor and odor of microbial and plant-based food ingredients, making them easier to incorporate into traditional food products. The company’s president, Anita Norian, explains, “GWN’s vision is to address the global shortage of food, especially protein, by utilizing CleanSense™ technology to make alternative proteins more accessible worldwide.”

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Life Cocoon

Life Cocoon helps deliver tranquility and optimal well-being wherever you go with its innovative products. The demands and pressures of everyday life contribute significantly to chronic stress, which in turn can lead to a deterioration of physical and mental health. Recognizing how important it is to lower stress levels and tapping into his love of aromatherapy, weighted blankets and calming health and wellness compounds, founder and CEO John Hur created the Bliss Hoodie and the Aromapod as a wholesome escape. Hur states, “Our mission is to expand holistic care solutions by blending clothing and wellness.” The Bliss Hoodie features heavyweight cotton and a patent-pending aroma hood for scent diffusion. Aromapods come in six different mood-boosting scents and can be placed anywhere, including in the Bliss Hoodie, for enhanced relaxation. With Life Cocoon, users can feel like they are in the spa, no matter the chaos that surrounds them.

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POLYN Technology is a fabless semiconductor company that develops neuromorphic analog chips for sensor data processing using pre-trained neural networks for edge AI applications. These chips help smart sensor devices understand and respond to signals with ultra-low power consumption — X100 lower than digital counterparts. Some notable applications include voice extraction for smart voice controls, earbuds and hearing aids; road condition monitoring in smart tires; industrial IoT applications; health monitoring and human activity recognition; and eye positioning and gesture capturing for AR/VR applications. “The bottleneck in computing today is power supply. The entire world’s power supply won’t be sufficient for AI operations in about ten years. Moving to analog computation in sensing applications is essential for reducing power consumption and improving efficiency,” states Boris Maslov, Chairman of the Board of POLYN Technology.

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Salestable is a sales readiness solution that helps mid-market businesses launch and scale winning sales teams. Long ramp times and sales rep churn lead to revenue loss and frustrated sales leaders. Salestable helps change this by offering a complete sales operating system that enables companies to grow their sales teams with ease, predictability, and precision. CEO Suresh Madhuvarsu says, “We empower every seller to be a quota-exceeding rock star.” Most importantly, they provide sellers with clear visibility to funnel activities, foster confidence through role-play and coaching, and enable seamless quota attainment. Salestable is dedicated to empowering sales teams to drive sustainable growth and achieve revenue goals through a data-driven, coaching-focused approach to sales readiness.

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Skyfarer makes drones accessible to all organizations through their innovative approach known as Drones as a Service (DaaS). Their mission is to democratize access to drone capabilities, offering aerial logistics solutions that encompass a fleet of drones, specialized software, expert operators and comprehensive support. By providing DaaS, Skyfarer eliminates the barriers associated with adopting drone technology, including high upfront costs, complex regulatory compliance and the need for extensive expertise. The platform enables businesses to leverage the benefits of drones, such as cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, access to remote locations and environmental sustainability, without the burdens of ownership and operation. “We make drones accessible to all organizations with our technology — from inspections to surveillance and logistics, drones are now accessible turnkey to all industries. We simplify complexity,” says founder Elliot Parnham

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Starlight is a virtual clinic specializing in scalable behavior-change coaching and remote patient engagement. The program is designed to work with existing primary care teams to support patients between visits: referrals are made directly from the provider EHR, and then culturally matched, board-certified health coaches support patients in improving outcomes like HbA1c and blood pressure control. Leveraging Medicare’s new 2024 initiatives, Starlight’s services are now fully covered by private and public insurance and are offered as a wraparound service to providers at zero cost, helping them transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. CEO Nandan Rao explains, “Our mission is to bridge the gap between visits and provide continuous, personalized support. We help care for patients at home after they leave the hospital and prevent re-admissions by proactively keeping them engaged in


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