Unverified iPhone Redesign Offers a Game-Changing View

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An image posted to Reddit shows an Apple iPhone without a camera, sparking discussions about its origin and purpose. The phone is believed to have been modified by a third-party company to create camera-less models for specific industries and locations where photography is prohibited, such as nuclear power plants and military bases. This raises questions about the availability of such modifications and their potential impact in the tech market.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The recent Reddit post featuring an Apple iPhone without a camera has piqued curiosity about its creator and purpose. The image sparked comments and information about camera-less iPhone models being used in the military, the oil and gas industry, and even educational settings. While Apple doesn’t manufacture these modified models, a company named NonCam provides conversion kits to remove the camera from older iPhone models, offering them primarily to customers in industries where photography is prohibited. Other companies like Mister Mobile in Singapore offer similar services at a lower cost, targeting residents entering military service, where phones with cameras are banned.

r/mildlyinteresting - A camera-less iPhone issued to my buddy that works at a Nuclear Plant. No cameras allowed.
A camera-less iPhone. No cameras allowed. Credit: Reddit


The modification of iPhones to remove the camera is for specific industries and environments that ban photography. Businesses like NonCam and Mister Mobile cater to individuals working in these sectors and those unable to use standard Apple products with built-in cameras. The process is reversible and cost-efficient, allowing users to repurpose their devices for personal use once their professional responsibilities change or end.

TF Summary: What’s Next

The discovery of camera-less iPhones and the companies that offer these modifications sheds light on the diverse applications of technology for professional and personal use. In the future, we may see more demand for tailored tech solutions that account for various industry requirements and regulations regarding device usage. As discussions continue, the avid watchers may witness increased interest in modified smartphone models designed for specific working environments.

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