Twitch Removes Entire Safety Advisory Council

Sophia Rodriguez

Twitch has terminated all the members of its Safety Advisory Council, who were initially signed up to help draft new policies and develop products to improve safety and protect marginalized groups. The council members found out on May 6 that Twitch would be ending their existing contracts on May 31, without compensation for the second half of 2024.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Twitch formed the Safety Advisory Council in 2020 to help with drafting new policies and developing products aimed at improving user safety, particularly for marginalized groups. However, the company has reportedly ended the contracts of the council’s nine members, from cyberbullying experts and community representatives, effective May 31.

New Ambassadors will populate the council, serving as role models, content creators, inspiring personal tales, and more, according to Twitch. The streaming platform claimed that this change will provide fresh, diverse perspectives to the company’s safety work. It’s also unclear whether the new Ambassadors will be paid for their service or if it represents a cost-saving measure. These changes follow Twitch’s January layoff of 35% of its workforce and reduced earnings for streamers from Twitch Prime subscriptions.

TF Summary: What’s Next

Eliminating the council raises questions about 1) the DEI group’s effectiveness and 2) whether the new delegate will be paid for their services. Further, it suggests the move may be a cost-saving measure following Twitch’s Q1 layoffs and streamer payment reductions.

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By Sophia Rodriguez “TF Eco-Tech”
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