Twitch Announces First-Ever Price Increase for Channel Subscriptions

Joseph Adebayo

Amazon, the parent company of Twitch, has announced price increases for subscriptions in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Turkey. The changes are intended to help streamers earn more revenue to offset rising costs and currency fluctuations.

Why This Matters

The new prices will take effect on March 28 and only apply to web subscriptions. Mobile app prices are set to follow later. UK, Canada, and Australia will see increases in Tier 1 subscription costs; Tier 2 and 3 prices will remain the same. In Turkey, prices for all three tiers will see significant increases due to the devaluation of the lira over the past 15 years.

Despite the price hikes, streamers will benefit from the same revenue share, meaning they will earn more from subscriptions in affected countries.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

This aligns with Twitch’s recent changes to streamer payouts from Prime subscriptions, and the service has also announced plans to make it easier for smaller streamers to qualify for the Partner Plus program. The increases represent the first time that Twitch has raised subscription prices, and the service indicates that more price updates in other countries are likely to occur later in the year.

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