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Every year, major phone manufacturers introduce and promote mobile phones, but once you’ve got the phone, you have to buy yourself a case, earbuds, and even other gadgets. The Verge staff asked its members what they were using to enhance their mobile tech experience and here’s what some of them said:

Nathan Edwards uses Peak Design Everyday Cases and finds the built-in magnets for optional accessories highly convenient.

Barbara Krasnoff, reviews editor, swears by Dbrand phone cases, and despite their weird names, she finds these to be quite sturdy and far more usable than cheap, easily yellowing soft plastic cases.

Kaitlin Hatton, senior audience manager, opts for PopSockets PopWallet Plus to avoid using a bag or purse. That way, she can keep a couple of credit cards and an ID handy and attach this to her phone using MagSafe.

Allison Johnson loves the Moft Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet because it is a combination phone stand and wallet, plus it can be used as a phone grip with the added benefit of looking nice.

Brandon Widder found that the Yamazaki Desk Organizer serves as a more stylish resting spot for his phone than a typical Qi charging stand. The organizer can also hold stationery and a pair of wireless earbuds, and has an area for a watch or two.

Jess Weatherbed recommends the Belkin BoostCharge 3-in-1 wireless charger for Apple devices, which has helped her keep her Apple devices charged and built the habit of increasing her productivity.

David Pierce, editor-at-large, prefers Apple EarPods over AirPods, stating that EarPods are great for phone and video calls, as well as being comfortable to wear for hours.

The Verge staff’s favorite mobile gadgets bring convenience, style, and productivity to their phone experience. The varied choices cater to diverse needs, from keeping the phone safe with sturdy cases to eliminating the need for a bag with wallet and card-holding accessories. Regardless of the personal preference, these accessories enhance the phone’s utility and make it unique to the preferences of each user.

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