t/f Review: Google Pixel 8a is Coming!

Joseph Adebayo

The Google Pixel 8a’s name surfaced on Google’s support page. So… this suggests a launch for the smartphone soon, right?. The company’s has remained tight-lipped about specific details regarding a launch announcement or the phone.

What’s Happening and Why This Matters

Here’s more background on what we know. The Google Pixel 8a was named on the company’s IssueTracker site. A Google employee mentioned that the ‘battery information list’ feature will be enabled for Pixel 8a models and above. It is expected to display battery manufacturing date, cycle counts, and health status on this device.

Key details and features of the Pixel 8a, though, have been previously leaked:

Pixel 7a, con un alto rendimiento - Google Store
Pixel 7a. IMAGE: Google Store
  • A cost-effective variant of the Pixel 8 as top budget smartphone
  • 8a aims to follow the Pixel 7a
  • Design leaks revealed polished design with curved edges and thicker bezels
  • Expected 8a specifications include Tensor G3 SoC and 8GB of RAM (like preceding Pixel 7a configuration).
  • Two memory options: 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB
  • Multiple color choices (possibly a new hue or two)
  • The camera system of the Pixel 8a is predicted to be similar to 7a
  • Additional minor improvements (i.e., brighter screens, stronger lenses) may be introduced

Online reporting indicates that this device might even include a 27W wired charging support and large battery capacity. Expect 8a pricing to be similar to the Pixel 7a for the basic variant (approx. $160). Advanced configurations pricing may vary.

Google Pixel 7a: características, precio y ficha técnica
Pixel 7a Colors. IMAGE: Google Store

t/f Summary: What’s Next

The likely launch of Google Pixel 8a is good news for Android fans. These developments afford consumers greater choice within the Pixel lineup — a staple Google always touts . With AI integrations and slowing sales, the smartphone market seems set for a major shake-up. Offering customers desirable features and enhancements at nominal may prove a winning combination..

TF will share more updates as they become avaiable. Stay tuned!

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