Spotify Unveils AI Playlists Moving Closer to Personalized Music Experience

Eve Harrison

Spotify has introduced a new feature exclusively for its Premium subscribers: the ability to create AI-generated playlists. This cutting-edge functionality adopts a simple premise: subscribers type a phrase (i.e., “I want songs about purple”) in the Spotify mobile app… and presto… a personalized playlist springs to life.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Spotify, already one of most popular music streaming platforms globally, is adding AI Playlists to existing auto-generated features including AI DJ and Daily Mix. Although still in its beta phase, Spotify is already making advanced plans for the feature and promises more updates in the near future. Despite much anticipation, there’s no word on when feature availability hits other markets.

Spotify’s main streaming rival, Apple Music, has no’t openly dabbled in AI-branded features for its music service. Apple Music, like other platforms, uses its algorithm and Replay feature. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is set for 10 June. Speculation is high that iPhone’s next operating system, iOS 18, will dive deeper into machine learning that likely extends to Music, MacOS, and the entire Apple ecosystem.

AI Playlists for Spotify is only in beta for premium service users. credit: spotify


For those lucky enough to be early adopters in the UK or Australia, here’s how to access the feaure:

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app and head to Your Library.
  2. Tap the + button, then select AI Playlist.
  3. You’re free to use preselected prompts or concoct your own. However, Spotify notes that prompts unrelated to music or containing offensive language won’t fly.
  4. The app then suggests tracks, allowing you to tweak your playlist with additional prompts for a more tailored experience.

This development hints at a future where our musical landscapes are not just influenced by algorithms but shaped by our whims and words. As Spotify tests the waters with its AI-generated playlists, the question isn’t just about when other services like Apple Music will follow suit but about how this AI-driven approach will redefine our music listening habits.

TF Summary: What’s Next

Spotify’s foray into AI-generated playlists brings deep personalization to music streaming services. Spotify’s precedent sets how other media platforms may soon follow. We anticipate broader availability and future enhancements, AI Playlists is the beginning of the relationship between AI and entertainment.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments that herald new entertainment experiences blending creativity and personalization.

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