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Taylor Lyles

Solid Snake from the Metal Gear franchise is now available in Fortnite following the game’s V28.10 update. The iconic character has been introduced into Epic’s widely popular free-to-play battle royale game, with players who own a battle pass subscription being rewarded with the skin after completing Snake’s quests. Equipped with all his well-known gear, including his iconic cardboard boxes, Snake is able to evade enemies as players take on the role of the legendary character.

Completing all the Page 2 Quests will unlock Solid Snake’s Old Snake style, with the quests remaining available until March 8, 2024, at 2 AM ET. Prior to Snake being playable in Fortnite, criticism was directed at his design, with players specifically noting the character’s lack of plump to his rear end. Similarly, another licensed character that made his way into Fortnite recently, Peter Griffin, raised eyebrows due to having a more muscular body than what fans of Family Guy are used to. However, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane told fans that Epic apparently “didn’t have the budget to create his actual body.”

Additionally, Epic detailed additional changes coming to Fortnite with the V28.10 update, such as the return of the Anvil Rocket Launcher weapon and some gameplay balance tweaks. The patch notes included balance changes that are included in the v28.10 update. The Enforcer AR has received a slight increase in bullet speed, damage, and headshot damage (and a reduction in bullet drop), while the Reaper Sniper Rifle has received a slight reduction in bullet speed (and an increase in bullet drop). The Hyper SMG has received an increase in overall accuracy via tightened bullet spread, and the Ballistic Shield has received a slight decrease in damage required to stagger the holder. Storm circle speed, sprint speed, and Energy regeneration have been reverted to match the same speed from Chapter 4, as these speeds better fit the current ideal pace of Fortnite BR.

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