S. Korea Counters US Chip Investment with Major AI Push

Li Nguyen

In a move that counters U.S. plans in the fiercely competitive semiconductor industry, South Korea announced a massive investment plan that underscores its determination not to be left behind in the global tech race. President Yoon Suk Yeol unveiled a strategy that commits 9.4 trillion won (approximately $6.94 billion) to artificial intelligence (AI) development by 2027. The strategy signals the country’s ambition to sustain its leadership in advanced chip technology.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The heart of this strategic push is not just the sheer financial commitment but the focus on AI’s role in the next-generation semiconductor landscape. This investment, coupled with a dedicated 1.4 trillion won fund for AI semiconductor companies, is South Korea’s countermeasure to similar strategies by tech superpowers like the United States, China, and Japan. These countries have been aggressively bolstering their semiconductor capabilities, recognizing the strategic and economic importance of these technologies.

the world’s Top 10 semiconductor companies. credit: zippia

South Korea, home to global tech giants Samsung and SK Hynix, has long been a powerhouse in the semiconductor sector. The country’s exports of chips hit a 21-month high in March which underlines the sector’s centrality to its economy. However, President Yoon’s latest initiative goes beyond reinforcing existing strengths. It aims to pivot South Korea towards the forefront of AI chip technology for artificial neural processing units (NPUs) and next-generation high-bandwidth memory chips.

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The ambition is clear: South Korea intends not only to compete but to lead in AI technology and secure at least a 10% share of the global system semiconductor market by 2030. “Just as we have dominated the world with memory chips for the past 30 years, we will write a new semiconductor myth with AI chips in the next 30 years,” Yoon declared, encapsulating the blend of vision and challenge that this investment represents.

TF Summary: What’s Next

South Korea’s commitment semiconductors’ production indicates the shifting battlegrounds in the technology world. AI and semiconductors intersect to define almost any future capabilities and economic power. With this significant investment, South Korea is aiming to keep pace with, and shape the future of technology.

As South Korea embarks on this journey, the global semiconductor market may be on the cusp of a new competitive era with AI chips leading the charge. The path ahead is fraught with challenges, but South Korea’s strategy could usher in a new chapter in the global narrative. Deeper, bigger investments reinforce the criticality of innovation and foresight in securing economic and technological supremacy.

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