Report: Multiple Apple Vision Pro Units Experience Hairline Cracks in Front Glass

Joseph Adebayo

Reported Apple Vision Pro Headset Cracks May Suggest Production Issues

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Several Apple Vision Pro headset users have reported hairline cracks on the front cover glass, leading to speculation of a manufacturing flaw. While the exact number of affected units remains unknown, the problem has been observed by several users on Reddit and on Engadget’s review unit. If Apple does not acknowledge the issue as a manufacturing defect, some users may be left with costly repair bills of up to $800 for the cover glass. Few users have reported that the repair cost may be partially covered under AppleCare, but there is no official word from Apple yet.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

Apple has a history of first-generation hardware issues. Previously, consumers joined a class-action lawsuits over easily iPhone design and scratched iPod nanos — resulting in a multi-million dollar settlements.

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