PwC Secures Exclusive Deal with OpenAI to Offer ChatGPT Enterprise — A Market First

Z Patel

Now, companies no longer need to buy a ChatGPT Enterprise license directly from OpenAI. They can purchase the gen AI service through PwC. This partnership, signed this week, is part of PwC’s long-term AI investment to expand its technology ecosystem and help businesses use AI to produce results faster.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

There are different reasons why organizations sign up for ChatGPT Enterprise. Some are genuinely curious about the technology while others want to use ChatGPT but have no idea how to get started. PwC is banking on these clients. Join us in NYC next week to engage with top executive leaders to delve into strategies for auditing AI models to ensure fairness, optimal performance, and ethical compliance across diverse organizations.

PwC’s release states, “We have entered the ‘prove it’ phase where we are actively demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of gen AI.” ChatGPT Enterprise, which launched in August 2023, is tailored toward large business users. PwC isn’t the only consulting firm diving into AI, either. Rival Accenture announced a partnership with Cohere in March to bring its language models and search capabilities to the enterprise.

TF Summary: What’s Next

The partnership between PwC and OpenAI hopes to revolutionize the way companies access and use ChatGPT Enterprise. This ramifications for the business and AI sectors, impacting the availability, affordability, and usage of AI tools by large organizations. These moves open up new frontiers in the emerging AI consulting industry and bring AI capabilities to a wider audience.

The future development of these partnerships and platforms will likely see more AI tools and models entering the enterprise market, driving further innovation and growth.

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By Z Patel “TF AI Specialist”
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