OpenAI unveils groundbreaking Sora model that turns text into minute-long videos

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OpenAI Introduces “Sora” Text-to-Video Model

OpenAI recently unveiled Sora, an innovative model capable of generating high-definition one-minute videos based on text prompts. This new technology, named after the Japanese term for “sky,” is currently only accessible to a select group of researchers and academics whose task is to evaluate its potential for harm and misuse.

In a statement on its website, OpenAI revealed that Sora has the ability to depict intricate scenes featuring multiple characters, lifelike movements, and precise environmental details. Some of the example videos showcased by OpenAI include a couple strolling through a snowy Tokyo city surrounded by cherry blossom petals and snowflakes, as well as wooly mammoths navigating a wintery expanse with snow-capped mountains in the background.

According to OpenAI, Sora’s capabilities stem from its “deep understanding of language,” enabling it to interpret text prompts accurately. Despite its achievements, Sora is not without flaws. For instance, it may struggle to convey details accurately in some instances, as seen with a prompt for a video featuring a Dalmatian, which omitted key elements when the video was generated.

While Sora isn’t the only text-to-video model currently available, it does stand out for its ability to create full 60-second videos and produce entire videos simultaneously instead of frame by frame like other models. This has raised concerns about its potential to generate increasingly realistic fake footage, particularly in sensitive settings such as elections.

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OpenAI has reiterated its commitment to addressing these concerns by collaborating with independent experts, testing the tool, and developing detection mechanisms to prevent misuse. However, the company remains secretive about the specifics of Sora’s training process, only revealing that it used publicly available videos and licensed content.

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