Nissan Prsents Advanced Autonomous-Drive Services on Public Roads

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Yokohama-based Nissan has just started demonstrating a prototype vehicle equipped with its autonomous drive technology. The goal is to offer autonomous mobility services starting in fiscal year 2027.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The prototype vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, comes with a range of 14 cameras, 10 radars, and 6 LIDAR sensors. This combination demonstrates Nissan’s progress in the autonomous drive field, especially within complex urban environments. Unlike previous prototypes, the latest vehicle has an increased detection area, thanks to an array of roof-mounted sensors that provide a more accurate awareness of its surroundings.

The vehicle shows improved recognition performance, behavioral prediction, judgment functions, and control functions, allowing it to operate smoothly in a variety of complex scenarios. Currently, the demonstration is being conducted at SAE Level 2 equivalent with a safety driver present. However, the long-term goal is to offer fully autonomous driving services, starting in Japan in fiscal year 2027.

autonomous driving roadmaps of 30 carmakers by 2030
Autonomous driving roadmaps of 30 carmakers by 2030. Credit: Auto2x

The company will begin trials in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year in the Minato Mirai area, with a goal to progress to service demonstration tests within fiscal year 2025. As part of its efforts to realize new autonomous mobility services, Nissan is collaborating closely with various Japanese ministries to promote new initiatives. The long-term goal of Nissan is to solve transportation service issues faced by local communities, especially within Japan.

TF Summary: What’s Next

As Nissan continues to develop and expand its autonomous drive technologies, it will provide a broad range of new services to enable free movement. The autonomous driving initiative from Nissan is a massive innovation investment that has the capability to further enhance transportation services worldwide. With an eye toward future developments, the company’s long-term goal is to provide new services that facilitate inclusive, barrier-free transportation.

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