NFL-Netflix Deal to Stream Two Christmas Day Games

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In an exciting annoucement for American football fans and streaming users, the National Football League (NFL) and Netflix have announced a landmark three-year deal that will see NFL games streamed on the global platform, starting Christmas 2024. This partnership marks Netflix’s first foray into live sports broadcasting — an expansion beyond its typical streaming content.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The three-year agreement includes exclusive rights to air Christmas games on the platform. The first games under this new partnership will stream on December 25, 2024. While the exact teams and times are to be announced, this event will be a key highlight of the NFL season.

NFL games remain one of the few types of programming that draw massive, live audiences. In 2023, 93 of the top 100 highest-rated broadcasts in the US were NFL games. This partnership allows Netflix to tap into this robust viewership, attracting sports fans to its service. Streaming exclusive NFL games could significantly boost Netflix’s subscriber numbers and retention rates. Historical data from other platforms, like Peacock’s 23 million viewers for a playoff game, suggests that NFL content can drive substantial engagement and sustained subscriptions.

Netflix’s reach is wide and ranging. the partnership deal can bring new demographics to both participants. CREDIT: Cloudwards.

Reading between the lines, the deal has interesting ramifications:

  • Expanding Content Offering: Netflix has been gradually exploring NFL-related content with documentaries like “Quarterback” and the upcoming “Receiver.” The move to live game streaming represents a major expansion of its sports content.
  • Competition in Streaming: This deal intensifies competition among streaming services. With NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video, the NFL’s shift towards digital platforms is becoming more pronounced.
  • Future Bidding Wars: Looking ahead, the NFL’s broadcasting rights could become even more competitive. In 2029, the NFL has the option to cancel all TV deals simultaneously, potentially sparking an unprecedented bidding war among streaming and TV providers.


The deal indicates that audiences’ habits and attitudes are shifting for live sports viewing. More and more viewers are moving to streaming platforms, waning traditional TV’s dominance in live sports broadcasting. Adding live NFL games to its lineup, even as a limited set, Netflix could increase subscriptions particularly from sports fans who prioritize access to live games. This partnership could pave the way for more sports leagues to explore streaming deals, further transforming the landscape of sports broadcasting.

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TF Summary: What’s Next

Landing NFL games is a [game-changer] for Netflix. It positions them as a serious player in live sports streaming and could alter the competitive dynamics for streaming

As Netflix prepares to stream its first live NFL games this Christmas, the streaming landscape is set for another shake-up. This partnership not only enhances Netflix’s content portfolio but also signals a broader trend of sports moving to digital platforms. Viewers can look forward to more accessible and flexible ways to watch their favorite sports. For Netflix, this could mean a new era of growth and engagement, with sports fans becoming a significant part of its subscriber base. Future developments will likely include more live sports on streaming services — making them a staple of modern entertainment.

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