New Creative Pebble X, Pebble X Plus Launched

Creative has announced the launch of two new desktop speakers, the Creative Pebble X and Pebble X Plus, these are the latest speakers in the Creative Pebble series and they come with up to 60W of peak power.\n\nThe Creative Pebble X series just dropped, and it’s here to shake things up with its beefed-up custom-tuned 2.75″ full-range drivers that are all about getting you lost in the music. Each model rocks this cool 45° elevated design that’s all about getting the sound right where you want it: straight to your ears for a sound trip like no other.

Then there’s the Creative Pebble X Plus, stepping things up with a chic subwoofer that comes with dual passive radiators. It’s made to fit into your desk setup without eating up space, looking good while it’s at it. Thanks to cool tech like Dialog+ and BassFlex, these speakers bring the bass and keep conversations crystal clear, all without having to crank up the volume.

Size-wise, they might look small, but don’t let that fool you. These speakers can blast up to 15W RMS and hit a peak of 30W when hooked up to your PC. Plug them into a 30W (or more) PD adapter*, and bam – you’re hitting peak power of up to 60W. That’s when the Creative Pebble X series really shows what it’s made of, delivering a listening experience that’s nothing short of amazing. The Creative Pebble X will retail for $129.99 and the Pebble X Plus will retail for $129.99.

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