NATO Endorses 4 European Startups in AI, Robotics, and Space Technology

Eve Harrison

Following’s NATO announcement of a €1 billion fund called the NATO Innovation Fund, here is more detail about the first round’s investments in European startups.

  • ARX Robotics: This German startup develops modular unmanned robotic vehicles for military and commercial use and has already tested its technology in several countries.
  • Fractile: A spinout from the University of Oxford, this London-based company creates computer chips to accelerate AI model performance.
  • iCOMAT: A UK startup producing ultralight materials for the aerospace and automotive industries, aiming to produce materials up to 65% lighter than current equivalents.
  • Space Forge: A Welsh company focused on establishing on-orbit manufacturing capabilities in space environments.

Launched in 2023, NIF supports deep tech startups and VCs focused on strengthening the military, security, and defense technologies across NATO’s 24 member countries.The fund is also supporting four European venture capital firms — Alpine Space Ventures, OTB Ventures, Join Capital, and Vsquared Ventures, all focused on investing in early-stage deep tech startups in defense, security, and resilience markets.

The NATO Innovation Fund, administered by Managing Partner Andrea Traversone, will deploy the total €1 billion over a 15-year period, signaling continued support for European innovation and defense technologies.

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