Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Plans Foldable MacBook, Multiple Screen Sizes, for 2026

Li Nguyen

Ming-Chi Kuo projects a foldable MacBook coming from Apple in 2026. The device could potentially launch with two different screen sizes. To make this a reality, Apple has made moves by picking suppliers for the display and hinge components.

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

Kuo says consumers can expect a modern, classy foldable MacBook but may have to come to terms with a steep bill of materials (BOM) and a jaw-dropping retail price. Apple might be considering launchins MacBook with a foldable screein 2026. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a TF Securities International analyst, Apple has zeroed in on exclusive suppliers for the display and hinge components. This will result in a very high bill of materials and a premium retail price when it launches. Mr. Kuo’s predictions and analysis are typically quite accurate, so this news is definitely worth paying attention to.

Kuo explained that the foldable MacBook could come with an 18.8-inch or 20.25-inch display, which would result in a 13-inch and 14-inch laptop size when folded. LG Display will be the exclusive panel supplier and Amphenol has been pegged as the hinge supplier. Other insiders also confirmed Kuo’s predictions, hinting that the cost of producing the device may lead Apple to employ an 18.76-inch screen instead. The new MacBook’s panel and hinge have been meticulously designed, which also means a high bill of materials. Kuo reveals that the panel and hinge production costs are currently around $650 and $250, respectively.

TF Summary: What’s Next

These figures aren’t cheap, especially when compared to the price of the Apple Vision Pro launched in February. However, Kuo estimates that the foldable laptop is expected to ship over 1 million units a year post-launch when it finally hits the shelves. As details continue to emerge, one thing’s for sure: the foldable MacBook is a big deal and worth keeping an eye on.

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