Microsoft assembles team to develop affordable Generative AI – The Information

Aaron Holmes

Microsoft has decided to increase its focus on developing smaller and more cost-effective artificial intelligence compared to OpenAI’s. The company has established a new team to work on creating conversational AI that requires less computing power than the software it currently uses from OpenAI. According to two sources with direct knowledge, Microsoft has transferred a number of its top AI developers from its research group to this new team, known as the GenAI team.

The shift in focus suggests that Microsoft is aiming to create AI technology that is not only more efficient but also more accessible and affordable for a wider range of users. This move could potentially allow Microsoft to expand its AI capabilities and reach a larger market of users who may have previously been unable to access or afford the necessary computing power for AI applications.

In addition, this shift may also indicate that Microsoft is looking to differentiate itself from OpenAI and its existing AI technology by developing a more cost-effective alternative. By incorporating this new team and refocusing its efforts, Microsoft could be positioning itself to become a leader in the development of smaller and cheaper AI technology. This could have significant implications for the future of AI and its integration into various industries and applications.

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