LockBit Ransomware Group Throws Support Behind Donald Trump for President

Joseph Adebayo

What’s Happening & Why This Matters

The LockBit Ransomware gang, previously taken down by law enforcement, is back and targeting businesses with file-encrypting malware. The leader of the group, known as ‘LockbitSupp,’ has publicly endorsed Donald Trump as the next US President, citing his stance on border security as a critical factor. This endorsement comes amidst uncertainties regarding the Biden administration’s handling of border security.

After being disrupted by Britain’s NSC, in collaboration with the US FBI and Europol under Operation Cronos, the cybercriminal network has somehow regrouped and resumed activities. They have threatened to release sensitive court documents related to Donald Trump, allegedly obtained during a ransomware attack on Fulton County’s digital repository in January 2024.

LockBit: Θα δημοσιεύσει κλεμμένα δικαστικά αρχεία του Donald Trump
IMAGE: SecNews

Speculations suggest that the group used this threat to regain control of its seized network without making any payments and is now demanding an unknown sum from law enforcement to prevent the release of these documents online. However, it remains unclear whether these claims are real threats or just speculation. If proven true, it would signify a concerning escalation in the tactics employed by the group.

t/f Summary: What’s Next

This situation highlights the evolving landscape of cybercrime and the increasingly bold tactics adopted by ransomware groups like LockBit. These recent developments underscore the evolving landscape of cybercrime and the increasing boldness of ransomware groups like LockBit. The situation also raises important questions about the current state and future of cybersecurity in the face of such threats.

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