“Keep Your Phone Number Private with Signal’s New Usernames Feature”

Li Nguyen

Signal Introduces Usernames to Keep Phone Numbers Private

Signal, a secure messaging app, is rolling out a new feature that allows users to create unique usernames and keep their phone numbers private. This move aims to enhance anonymity and secure communication for users. Below are the key details of Signal’s new usernames feature:

Why This Matters

By default, Signal will no longer display the phone numbers of users to everyone they chat with. Only people who already have the phone number saved in their phone’s contacts will be able to view it. This step is a significant move toward protecting user privacy and limiting access to personal information.

Signal users can create a unique username, adding two or more numbers at the end of it to minimize spoofing and maintain an equal playing field. These usernames are not to be confused with handles or logins. Instead, they serve as an anonymous way to initiate conversations on the platform without sharing phone numbers.

How to Use the Feature

The usernames feature is optional, allowing users to have control over whether they want to share their phone numbers. Signal is also implementing measures to hide users’ phone numbers by default from individuals who do not have them saved. This privacy setting can be adjusted to limit who can find a user by their phone number.

Users can easily toggle both of these options in the app’s settings under “Privacy” and “Phone Number.” Specifically, users can control who can see their number and who can find them by number. This additional layer of control adds an extra level of security and allows users to customize their privacy settings according to their preferences.

t/f Summary: Yea or Nay

Signal’s new usernames feature reflects the app’s commitment to enhancing user privacy and security. It offers a more anonymous and secure way for users to communicate without compromising their phone numbers. Additionally, the ability to adjust privacy settings gives users greater control over who can access their personal information.

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