Joe Rogan secures around $250 million from Spotify to share his intellectual concepts

Li Nguyen

The Wall Street Journal reports that Joe Rogan has signed a new deal with Spotify worth $250 million, an increase from his previous deal in 2020 for $200 million. The contract is described as a multiyear continuation of his podcast ventures, with potential for additional distribution on platforms such as YouTube. The agreement includes a revenue-sharing plan based on ad sales and an upfront minimum guarantee, although the exact financial details are undisclosed.

Spotify is seeking to renegotiate expiring contracts with content creators to offer lower minimum guarantees, but it seems that this might not apply to Rogan. The company is also looking to revise terms to allow publication on other platforms, like YouTube. Additionally, there is likely an audience number target threshold that Rogan is expected to surpass, given the popularity of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify.

Despite his success, Rogan has faced controversy for spreading ill-informed Covid information, leading to calls for an update to Spotify’s misinformation policy and boycotts from both users and creators. The platform has defended itself by claiming to be a platform and not a publisher, even though the new deal involves publishing Rogan’s podcasts on other platforms in addition to Spotify.

Another issue surrounding Spotify is its payment to artists, as the company is known for paying musicians very little or nothing at all. While there was a $100 million fund reserved for diversity in podcasts and music, it appears that none of it has been spent. Nevertheless, the new deal with Rogan shows that Spotify is willing to invest in high-profile content creators.

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