Is it time for Microsoft to leave the console market?

Joseph Adebayo

Why Does Microsoft Need a Console Business?

The gaming industry has seen significant changes in the past 23 years since Microsoft first entered the market with the original Xbox. Now, Microsoft is a major game publisher with a focus on in-house studios and Game Pass subscription service. However, it has struggled to establish a wide audience with its Xbox consoles.

Microsoft has faced a challenge in balancing its dual goals of Game Pass growth and console sales. Unlike its competitors, Nintendo and Sony, who focus on exclusive experiences, Microsoft’s console sales are lagging behind. This is evidenced by the fact that Sony outsold Microsoft’s hardware 2:1, and the Switch likely outsold the Xbox One and Xbox Series combined. To expand its audience, Microsoft plans to bring four older titles to non-Xbox consoles.

The Future of Cloud Streaming

Cloud streaming appears to be Microsoft’s long-term plan. While efforts have been made to make its app compatible with more platforms, cloud gaming is not a viable platform for the masses yet. As Microsoft approaches the midway point of this console generation, its current systems have a relatively small audience.

While Microsoft has some highly anticipated first-party titles on the way, it is unlikely that these will significantly boost Xbox sales or Game Pass subscriptions. As a third-tier player in the console market, Microsoft faces an ongoing challenge. The idea of Microsoft ceasing to make consoles altogether to focus on becoming the biggest company in gaming has been suggested, but it may not be a viable option for now.

Despite confirming future hardware, Microsoft’s transition to cloud gaming suggests it may not be planning to release a next-generation console. Instead, the company could focus on making its games compatible with rival platforms to build its audience and capitalize on the post-console future.

t/f Summary 

Microsoft’s struggle to grow its audience and meet customer expectations is evident in its gaming strategy. While the company explores bringing its titles to non-Xbox consoles and plans for cloud gaming, it faces challenges in balancing its dual strategy. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft adapts to become a more dominant player in the gaming arena.

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